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14 November 2009 @ 02:00 pm
Gonna be applying for a min. wage job at Fareway either today or Monday. I'll be on a little less than usual but i needs the money =3
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01 October 2009 @ 05:42 pm
Just to show everyone that I am officially not dead =3 Updating llivejournal from a school laptop, my parents took my comps hard drive away x.x

My birthday is on Monday! (Oct. 5th) =D I'mma gonna be 17 ^-^

I'm starting to learn how to play bass guitar =o and I wanna learn drums ^-^ (real, not rockband/guitarhero ones, real drums and guitar =P) getting better =3

Got kicked in the face today by accident x.x was playing soccer, went to headbutt the ball and Cameron's foot and my face kinda... collided xD I fell and my glasses flew away. I'm okay though =3 all I have is a bruise and a tiny cut.

Found out that this XBOX controller here... http://media.obsessable.com/media/2008/11/24/300/red-octane-x-plorer-guitar-hero-controller.jpg ...fits and is compatible with my PS2 =3

Cleaned my room yesterday and found out I have more room in here than I realized o.o xD

Missing my girlfriend... can't wait for her to get her internet back =\

Might be getting a job soon as soon as I get a legal copy of my birth certificate =o

That be all =3 You may go back to your regularly scheduled whatever =DDD imma go get chili nao
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27 August 2009 @ 07:22 am
A friend of mine here in Iowa is planning a furmeet, and I want to go... but I'm a little nervous since this is my first time going to a furmeet... What do you guys do at these meets?
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13 August 2009 @ 09:13 pm
So I finally got World Tour for PS2 :3 and a sleek silver PS2 with it... and Call of Duty one and two X333 it just keeps getting better X333

I have two movies I made of me playing World tour

Satch Boogie and Freak on a Leash both on expert.

aaaand I have this old UMAX laptop that I own that only runs Win98 (FAIL) but the interwebs are as fast as here and I found a driver to allow flash drives for Win98

My cousin Lisa was here today :3 had lotsa fun with her.

If anyone has SL besides the guys I already know (Winail X3) lemme know! :D

aaaand I wanna take some commissions and trades now X3

That's the good stuff... now the bad...

School starts on Tuesday x.x Where the fuck did summer go???

I've been trying to break up a fight that's been going on :c I almost lost two friends because of it... :(

This moron on FA is trolling my GFs ref sheet and we blocked him :I what a jackass...

aaaaaaaaand... I've had a bad knee pain since Tuesday x.x hopefully it'll go away tomorrow...

That's the draggeh's news. Catch ya all later!

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29 June 2009 @ 12:39 pm
I ordered my world tour bundle for PC on Saturday (20th). It said the PC version was coming out on the following Monday (22nd)... It said it would ship by today and get to my house by the 6th... but I had another look and Aspyr fuckin' extended the release date to July 13th. DX I mean WTF???
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27 June 2009 @ 06:17 pm

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Been a while so I'll update some things :3

-So school's been out for me about a month now,  I hated finals D:

-The crappy art block I had is finally ovah :D I'm back into drawing ^^

-I ordered Guitar Hero: World Tour for PC on Saturday, and it's getting here by this Monday (29th) :D I'm so excited 83

- Also on that same Monday, Cassie and I will have been together a half year :3

-I'm into Facebook now :U If anyone I haven't added already has a Facebook, lemme know ^^

-I'm eating a tuna sandwich :9 yummy

-I want to go swimming with my sister today because of this big heat wave in our area D: but I can't find my swim outfit >.>

-My current guitar controller is just a mess :( the screws keep coming out of the casing and the only way it's still together is because I wrapped it up in red tape around the weak points... Getting my new World tour bundle will give me a new controller :3 and I can throw that piece of shit out... or recycle it o-o

-I got this rlyrly uber awesome conbadge from Angie (One of Pensive's best friends) by trade :D Right here (Still WIP but I can't wait for the final pic :D)
If I ever go to MFF if you see a guy with this badge, say hi :3 I'm not shy at all! Just be sure to know that the name "Vene" is pronounced like the name "Ben" xD lots of people pronounce it "Ven-ee" or "Veen" lol.

That's all from me :3 cya later!

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20 May 2009 @ 06:18 pm
My guitar controller broke... :I The down-strummer's been acting crappy the past few days. I opened it up today and found out, the connector that strums down snapped... fdkjgshgfdjng what a cheap strummer... >.> I'm now looking at buying a new controller, but being a little more careful with it... This is what I'm looking at getting next :3

$17, not a bad price. :P Imma be working all this weekend on redoing the kitchen to get it :3

That's it from the dragon :3

-noms pizza-

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25 April 2009 @ 12:45 am

Why are you a furry?Cause it's a fun hobby :D
When did you discover you where a furry?June of 2008
Whats the best thing about being a furry?Meeting new and exciting ppl
How do you describe being a furry to a non-furry?someone who likes to be unique and stand out among the rest
How do you feel about hybrids?(furs of two or more different species)I rather like hybrids
What animal are you?Dragon
Why did you choose that animal?cuz they're just awesome like that! ^^
What do you look like?(put a pic in here if you can)http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2034529/
Why did you choose to look this way?cuz I like to stand out among the other dragons :3
Lets say some scientist said he could turn you INTO your furry, would you let him change you? Why?probably if I could morph to my human and back again
Same as above, but, you would become a random furry. Would you still go through with it? Why?maybe ;3
Ok, your a furry now. Whats the first thing you do? Why?fly around :D
Would you want to live as a furry in this world where your one of a kind? Why Or why not?yes -is unique-
How about a world where your just another fur walking around? Why or why not?at least I'm not alone ;-;
Now Kinda off subject but, do you have any powers, and if so, what kind?shapeshifting and fire breath
Is there any thing about you thats different from any other furry? (example: angel wings)that I'm a scaley :I
You lost everything when you became a furry, your friends, family, your intire old life. Your given a chance to become human again and gain it all back. Do you? Why?I can shapeshift its not a problem :3
Do you think we might one day be able to mix and match DNA in order to creat furries?prolly not
Do you think your obsessed with the furry theme?not rly :P
Would you go out and mess with the locals by being a \\\"rabid\\\" animal?hell no
Shedding, how do you deal with it?errrkkk eeek mrrf -itches shedding scales- Naw fun
Some non-furry yells \\\"Furries suck!\\\" What do you do to him? (Be descriptive)FUR-HATERS SUCK MORE
Your a furry, right? What the hell are you going to wear for Holloween?I'M GOING AS MYSELF :D
Since you have fur, will you try going out naked to see if anyone notices? Why or why not?no >:P cuz I dont have fur, I have scales -is wearing homey slacks like usual-
If you have a long tail would you chase it? Do you think it would be fun?-chases tail- :D c'mere darn yu!
Do you think you\\
Would you let someone call you \\\"fluffy\\\" or any other cute name? Why?Vene is fine kplzkthxbye
Do you think being a furry would be much different from being human? Why?yes :o

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22 April 2009 @ 07:37 pm
Well, Cassie didnt come over when I thought she would, but I'll be seeing her sometime in July <3 I'm so psyched, I wanna take her out on a rl date :P ILU and can't wait to see you Cassie <3

On another hand, things have been going kinda so-so here :P Kinda had a short art-block >.< but now I'm back into art :D cuz I got lots to catch upon and my friend Joe's Birthday is tomorrow, and I drawededed him something :3

-noms on yummy Sloppy Joes- =9 mmmm

Got a new room tv and managed to get cable up here :333 -watches AFV- xD

got a new shirt that says Got Milk? on the front :P

That's about it from the Iowan dragon xD talk to ya all later :3
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